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This book features yearround field hockeyspecific weighttraining programs guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results. No other field hockey book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book will have players increasing speed, strength, agility, and stamina resulting in improved scoops, flicks, and hits.

By following this program you will improve your game considerably and will have the endurance to go strong all the way until the final whistle. Both beginners and advanced athletes and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs. In this guide, you will learn what true agility is and how hockey players can train agility to become more reactive and explosive on the ice.

In this guide, you will learn how to integrate mobility work into your hockey training in order to increase performance, reduce injuries, and feel better as an athlete. Go check out the full Hockey Mobility Training Guide. The Hockey Training team consists of Kevin and Dan who are pictured here.

Lower Body Hockey Speed Workout 🏒⚡️

Dan or Coach Garner , pictured on the right, is the head strength and conditioning coach and nutritional specialist at HockeyTraining. He holds 12 of the top certifications in both training and nutrition, as well as a formal education in both functional medicine and health science.

A General Ice Hockey Weight Training Program

Kevin, pictured on the left, has a strong passion for hockey and helping hockey players take their game to the next level with on and off-ice training. You will see Kevin in many of the hockey training videos, and most of the weekly emails will be sent from Kevin. Ready for us to help you take your game to the next level?

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You will find lots of great articles written by Coach Garner to teach you the basics of hockey training with topics including how to skate faster, how to get in better hockey condition, and many more. Also, be sure to check out our Hockey Training Videos for more information on how to train properly as a hockey player to help increase your performance. These videos include sample workouts, informational videos explaining how hockey players should be training and why, and lots of other great hockey training content in video form.

Now reasons one through four all make logical and predictable sense right? A hockey player is expected to be a hockey player. He is on the ice because he is an incredible athlete and he is looking to improve his game even further so he can make the jump to the juniors, semi-pros or even the pro leagues. It is simply way too much to ask of an athlete to train him or herself at least properly anyway , they can try, but it will be a defeating tactic in the long run.

The strength training plan that'll get you fit for ice hockey

Everybody reading this, provided they are over 18, can become a personal trainer in a weekend if they want to. They should also be able to show you your ideal periodization for the year and explain why in extreme detail.

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With that out of the way, I can now discuss why hockey training is different from the average approach and what you should be looking for in a truly authentic hockey performance training system. Each of these topics could stand alone as full books on their own as there is so much to discuss towards their implications on hockey performance.

But for the sake of keeping this article just an article, I will touch on the important but easy to comprehend factors behind them. Structural balance is a key component to achieving maximum speed, agility, strength, prevention of injury and power output. By structural balance, I simply mean you must have proper muscular and strength balance in three categories:. C Between smaller muscle making up larger muscle groups in a localized area. For example, your hamstrings.

Your hamstrings are made up of several different muscles and the strength balance between them plays a role in skating performance. When one side performs better than the other, your risk of injury drastically increases as you are putting the body in an awkward position during movement and if one side can output a force greater than your other side, this can very quickly lead to strains and pulls. There are many structural imbalances hockey players naturally create simply by playing the game. Hockey players are notorious for having strong glutes and weak hamstrings, being imbalanced in their upper body based on which side they shoot with, and also having a poor balance in the quadriceps, mainly a weak VMO.

These are just a few examples, and among them, everybody is different.

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  • You are only as strong as your weakest link, if an imbalance is present, it will hold back your entire bodies performance. So something as simple as correcting an imbalance in your quadriceps could result in much faster skating on the ice. Or correcting weak lats would have a profound impact on your shot power. Hockey players perform very repetitive motions using the same muscles over and over again.

    Re-correcting this in the weight room is one of the top priorities for hockey performance training. Hockey players carry plenty of natural tightnesses in their hips, calves, lats and Achilles tendon. I have found that a very large percentage of hockey players over 15 years old have these issues.

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