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Portrait of a Jewish chicken-farmer's wife in Connecticut. Quite frankly, the thought of shlepping all the way across the globe to p-p-p-polish a penguin in the coldest place on Earth is more or less out of the question. I was there like a shot, shlepping up and down the country, sharing a dressing room with a bingo machine wasn't my idea of entertainment.

The best man A midsummer day's nightmare: shlepping all your worldly possessions to a new apartment. On the Bookshelf. At that rate, you get to hand over up to 50 pounds of whatever you're shlepping -- including all the verboten carry-on gels, liquids and lotions. He has authored a novel, Shlepping the Exile 2 and a recent non-fiction book on Yiddish, Born to Kvetch. Bordering on lehavdl: Michael Wex, performing Yiddish, and a discourse of discomfort. Two beleaguered stagehands Geoff Sobelle, Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel appear, shlepping music stands, amps, huge bundles of orange cable and a bunch of other stuff, all with hilarious ineptitude and sotto voce complaints.

I bring this up because without clear definitions or a concurrent lack of prohibition, it would be easy to get carried away in defining a whole range of words as 'unholy' or 'disgusting' without concrete reasons for selecting certain words. What differentiates one curse word from another? Are there words of lesser or greater intensity? Could language beyond curse words be construed as 'unholy', and if so, by whose interpretation of 'unholy' shall we go by as we create distinctions? An arbitrary system of defining words would ensue.

Curse Words To Anonymous. I am not a rabbi, but I don't believe you should refrain from prayer because you have spoken unclean words or even loshon hora. I believe that G-d wants us to identify our weaknesses and correct them, and in so doing become more refined.

So, even if you feel bad about communicating with The Almighty with a "dirty utensil" don't become discouraged. Work on cleaning up the utensil, and accept that you may not be perfect at it. Here's a great tip! Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks.

The Torah on Dirty Words

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How Do You Know the Word Shlep? You're Not Jewish!

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Question: Just curious, what is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? Separate from what? From vulgar language, for one.

Leviticus Sifra ad loc. Ad loc. Talmud, Ketubot 8b. By Yisroel Cotlar.

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Yiddish Phrases

Newest Oldest. More generally kosher means legitimate. The phrase "a messa mashee af deer" means a horrible death to you and is used as a curse. Some have suggested that Masheena is the origin for the insulting name for Jews of sheeny. An individual of recognized worth because of noble values or actions. MOYL: The man who circumcises baby boys at a briss. To "shep naches" means to derive pleasure. Jewish children are expected to provide their parent with naches in the form of achievement. NOSH: To snack. NU: Has many meanings including, "so?

PUTZ: A vulgarism for penis but most usually used as term of contempt for a fool, or an easy mark.

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Usually refers to overly emotional and sentimental behavior. The expression "a shanda fur die goy" means to do something embarrassing to Jews where non-Jews can observe it. Can refer to a person, a "shlepper," who is unkempt and has no ambition.

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The opposite of mensch, a a physically small shlemiel. Can also mean to bribe and can refer to the "whole package", as in I'll accept the whole shmeer. Jimmy Durante was known as a the great shnoz.