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Spice up the winter season with a simple Mexican hot chocolate. You can make this mix in advance and whip together a hot beverage in no time. The version of Dominican cake that Scott Conant's friends introduced him to was a white cake layered with dulce de leche filling and frosted with a very sweet meringue.

In his adaptation, Conant along with his pastry chef Gerry Minos lightens up on the sugar in the meringue and adds a nutty liqueur to the filling and frosting, giving it an Italian flavor. The cake is a knockout, with or without the liqueur, and stellar with either homemade or store-bought dulce de leche.

Pin ellipsis More. Throw a Christmas fiesta with traditional and inspired Mexican recipes. With everything from pozole to tamales and plenty of desserts , add a little south-of-the-border flair to your holiday table. Image zoom. Tamales are a traditional way to enjoy seasonal sweet potatoes. Serve with a dusting of confectioners' sugar for a stunning dessert.

Replay gallery. Pinterest Facebook. Up Next Cancel. Share the Gallery Pinterest Facebook. Everything in this Slideshow. Close View all gallery. I love rosemary and recently made a rosemary maple syrup for french toast. Fresh herbs are the bomb. This looks delicious! I wish I had put beans out to soak today.

Nothing like an easy, healthy meal for a Friday night! When I was in Greece a few years back with my siblings, we were constantly trying to order enough vegetarian side dishes to sate my non-meat-eating sister. We both fell in love with fava, which is basically a mashed bean dish. They make it with yellow split lentils, I think, not fava beans as I originally had thought based on the name tricky. Like a vegetarian cassoulet. It truly inspires me. Thank you for this recipe and for the pasta-making tips.

You said you loved artichokes and white beans, so what if you combined them? I literally just made this idea up in my head so I have no idea if it would be good, but it sounds good to me — artichokes, white beans some slightly mashed, some left whole , lots of flavorful cheese and garlic, pooled with olive oil and served with big hunks of bread for dipping. Second, this dish looks gorgeous. Filling, hearty, and nutritious without being heavy.

I made this recipe from Finny Knits at least once a month. I made this last night. I love pasta and beans and this just sounded amazing. It did NOT disappoint. What a gorgeous recipe. I know white bean hummus has already been suggested, but there is a white bean spread in Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson that is lovely with lemon and olive oil and rosemary. I eat it by the spoonful when I make, ahem, a few too many white beans.

It works well in the food processor or with an immersion blender if your only making a little at a time. Thanks for another great recipe! I add carrots and kale into the mix as well. White beans are a favorite of mine for replacing flour in fudgier baked goods- they make a great brownie or cookie cake base.

I pureed the beans but they are now drowning in the rest of the liquid, should I let it simmer some more?

[PDF] Eydie Maes Natural Recipes Download Full Ebook - video dailymotion

Warm some chopped garlic, rosemary and lemon zest in a bit of olive oil. Add your drained beans and mash them together. Serve as you would mashed potato -alongside steak, sausages, chops or chicken, with a salad on the side, and a super quick and easy dinner is served. Or you can make it even looser with some pasta water, and stir through pasta. Add whatever green suits you -we like broccoli and peas, with or without chicken.

My favorite soup for now. White beans smooshed up with a can of tuna add some chili powder and cumin makes a great crunchy taco filling! BTW loved the lentils, kale and sausage from earlier. I love Smitten Kitchen! I grew up on pasta e fagioli, so my love affair with beans started when I was a little kid. One of my favorite pasta and bean dishes is one I came up with many years ago. I always use radiatore so that the ruffles in the pasta catch the creamy no cream involved!

I can get it on the dinner table in less than 30 minutes after I get home from work. I am the proud owner of your cookbook. Any book tours scheduled for the Chicago area? Looks fabulous…. Luscious food and clean kitchen. Deb, I share your obsession with both white beans and artichokes! My favorite thing to eat—which I make at least once a week—is pretty much an elaborate Mediterranean salad.

Simmer beans in 1 clove garlic and olive oil, with other spices as desired. Add artichoke hearts and chopped tomato. Cook a hearty grain separately, like farro, couscous, or quinoa. When cooked, toss the grains in the beans. Add olives, red onion, lots of lemon juice, and fresh greens like arugula and herbs. Eat all of it.

I make a Greek Panzanella salad with bread, feta, tomatoes, basil, red onion, Kalamata olives, bell peppers, and white beans. And our other favorite, I totally forgot, is a recipe found on Simply Recipes. Saute a buttload actual measurement of white or red onions in your Dutch oven, add spicy Italian sausage out of the casing I use turkey , brown it, add a few cloves of garlic, and then two heads of chopped kale. Add a cup or more if needed of chicken or vegetable stock, cover, simmer five minutes, add a few glugs of Balsamic vinegar, and then toss in the white beans.

After more minutes serve. I was also eyeing this recipe for crostini too. And finally, Although this is technically a soup, mine ended up more like a bowl of beans, grains, and greens. The orginal recipe is for chickpeas, but white beans would work nicely and it freezes beautifully. Thanks for being fabulous, love your website and adore your book! Also have you tried doing this with white beans instead of chickpeas? I had white bean hummus last night and it was such a fabulous alternative to butter! You could use up some beans in that :.

White beans are so satisfying — perfect for the winter. This recipe looks fantastic! Wow — they loved your book! It was a fun interview. Are there no Southerners in this bunch? Make a pan of cornbread, a bowl of cole slaw. Chop an onion. Split a piece of cornbread, spoon beans and broth over. Generously spoon chopped onions on top, and serve with a side of cole slaw. Please, please, please Deb, try the beans this way just once!

These are the two of the most common ways white beans are served here in Miami. Since it was black beans I also added a little oregano and chili powder to the sauce. This was delicious, thank you! Also, as I made the sauce, I thought if it was thinned out a bit it could stand on its own as a thick soup over a hunk of baguette. I am looking for the recipe from Mark Bittman? Can someone help? Love your cinnamon raisen bagels…but onto the white beans.. Madhur Jaffery has a cookbook called World Vegetarian.

It has a recipe for white beans with rosemary. I use navy. I can not begin to tell you just how valuble this cookbook is for any bean lover. The white beans with rosemary is fabulous! Try it ,you wont be sorry. I fix in iron dutch oven along with turnip greens,brown rice and corn bread and sliced onions. I made the kale orecchiette last week and it was beautiful and I made this pasta with the chick peas though tonight.

LOVE white beans, this whole recipe sounds like the perfect winter meal. When I first stumbled across that post a couple of years ago, I thought, hmmn, dill? Permanent place in my rotation. Page in Sunday Suppers at Lucques — mussels with white beans and cavolo nero aka kale — has become a regular at our place. I use it all the time. Very tasty! Pasta and peas, Pasta and lentils, Pasta and chickpeas, Pasta and escarolle, Pasta and broccoli, Pasta fagiole — that was all we ever ate!

Funny thing is, now that I've grown up, become a very good and adventurous cook and eater! I always go back to these comfort foods, and find them to be VERY healthy as well. In our house, my father in law lives with us and suffers from Celiac disease, so cannot have wheat gluten. I use brown rice pasta for everything, and it is really excellent! If you cook it perfectly, with an al dente finish, it is amazing.

He loves Pasta fagiole, so this looks like something he will adore! I looooove beans. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. This was absolutely amazing. I did add a few shallots, but otherwise, I made this as is for dinner last night for my famil—y and my brothers and husband who are pretty picky eaters asked me to double the recipe next time. It was just full of the best tastes!!! Everyone exclaimed it was delicious through moans and full mouths. Olive-oily, garlicky, heat from the peppers… so very excellent.

The family consensus was that this is a keeper. And, I ate the leftovers for breakfast. One of the best bean dishes I have made recently are plantain pancakes. I cook very ripe plantains, smash them up with some cooked or canned beans red lentils work good but any starchy bean will do. Add in some chiles, cilantro, onion and lime juice.

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If the mix is really thick I add some veggie broth too If I cook the beans I cook in veggie broth. Then I dollop the mix into a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil cooking spray works too. I serve with avacado, tomato salad and lime. I was just in Florence and this recipe reeks of the flavors. I paid all of 2euro for 12 beautiful purple artichokes that we later enjoyed steamed with melted butter. The vendor said he would open a shop here when he heard how willing we were to pay for ingredients! I became a rosemary convert on my trip after eating the golden rosemary potatoes.

Looking forward to trying this recipe scaled down for just us two! Braised gigante beans. Beluga lentils braised in wine. Lentil salad. Greens of your choice raab, mustard or turnip greens have been my favorites sauted with toasted garlic and red pepper flakes, add beans, broth and pasta. Makes it into a soup, but you can add only a cup of broth instead of 4 and skip the pasta. Finish with lemon juice or vinegar of your choice.

Add kale on top. Salt and pepper. Optional: add mozzarella cheese on top of the beans. Maybe a sprinkle of rosemary. It makes a nice white pizza! Could also be an empanada. I have no other ideas for white beans, because I believe this is the white bean recipe of my dreams.

Lurv beans. In dips even more so. I like them in brownies. I know right. But good. The Nigella Lawson mash is mentioned several times, and I too whisk it with a little water to lighten it not a part of the original recipe. I made this for dinner last night. My family loved it : I added some vegetable broth in place of some of the water and threw in a little Pinot Grigio I happened to be drinking to deglaze the pan.

Mmmm definitely looking forward to the leftovers for dinner tonight. Lo-and-behold, I had onion, carrot and celery celeriac, actually , already cooked with semi-dry read, can replace tomato paste chopped tomatoes. I threw them in the food processor, pulled a container of chick peas out of the freezer and cooked it all up.

Of course, celtic sea salt over the top. Best of luck on the book tour! This looks great. One of my favorite recent bean recipes was the farro with roasted leeks recipe from the NYTimes food page like last week or the week before. I generally make risotto-style beans with gigondes or butter beans, but it should work well with any bean that cooks to a creamy texture:. Soak a pound of beans overnight. Saute an onion and as much garlic as you care to peel and slice in olive oil.

I do not believe this can be overgarlicked. Repeat, as if you were cooking risotto, until the beans are creamy textured. The starch from the cooking liquid will bond with the oil to make a sauce. Stir in a cup of stewed tomato if you have some, a dollop of honey, a splash of lemon or red wine vinegar, and more thyme or marjoram.

Salt to taste. Eat with crusty bread and a green salad. It makes very good leftovers. At some point I wanted to make the recipe, but had no working oven, and discovered I liked the resultant texture better cooked when it was cooked this way. It is fiddly, though. I found some navy beans and white kidney beans at the store but nothing labeled white beans. One of my favorite cookbooks: Pasta Verde Judith Barrett still available inexpensively on Amazon has vegetarian recipes to please anyone — even meat eaters.

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Place in food process and puree until desired consistency, adding hi quality evoo, fresh garlic put through a press, salt and pepper to taste. Nice high protein vegan mashed potato substitute. One of my favourite ways to make them is to dress them with olive oil, some pomegranate juice, mint, parsley and garlic. I serve that as a main dish, with roasted vegetables with zatar. I adore white beans— during garlic scape season I make an amazing dip that lasts about 5 minutes in my house.

I love this recipe, thanks! This was fantastic! I was a little skeptical — we are solidly carnivorous, but this won me over! In any case — delish! I kept the key flavors but simplified the process a little. I was trying to use a pot of white beans, though, so I used those instead of lentils. It was so good and healthy! I tried it later with the lentils, but liked it so much with beans that it has been one of the few recipes that I have regularly repeated.

First LOVE your cookbook. Bought it for myself for Christmas…my husband was a little surprised when I opened it and thanked him ;-. I will be making this recipe pronto. There was a small Itallian place, north beach area of San Francisco that always had old Itallian men who looked like they could be connected sitting in the bar. They served amazing food. The original family sold it years ago, it was never the same and it died.

Took years, but I finally finessed a respectable copy.

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Enough good quality extra virgin Olive oil to cover the beans. Eat this on good fresh or toasted Itallian bread great sponge for the yummy olive oil , Use it as a dressing of sorts for a salad, great with roasted chicken or just eat it with a spoon. SO yummy……. I followed this recipe to a T however it is more like a vodka sauce. And I mean once the tomato paste was added it became orange. You cannot discern the beans from the sauce at all?

Not sure what happened. Maybe someone already said this, but Nigella Lawson has a recipe where she uses white beans instead of noodles in a stir fry. This looks yummy AND for once I have all of the ingredients in the house! Thanks for sharing so many tasty recipes. I make my own and always have some on hand. I think it would add some flavor to the dish.

This is a great play on the Bon Appetit recipe! I just made it and my husband and I will be eating leftovers for a week! A great recipe to baptize my new food processor, and it inspires me to try and play around with all the recipes I cut out of magazines. Normally love all your recipes but this one was a bit of a miss for us. I use hot turkey Italian sausage, canned white beans, and throw in a lot of spinach at the end.

I think you would like it. It was delish, easy and economical. The rosemary oil added so much flavor. It was genius. Mmmm… White beans! This turned out fabulous. It was a wonderful winter dinner. Perfect for a cold evening to warm up. The flavors melded so perfectly. I served it with some grilled chicken and a salad of mixed greens. We have even added sausage for large groups of meat eaters. I love beans! My go to lunch is quinoa with kidney beans, usually with yummy herbs and feta.

And I got my family to eat Vegan! Very flavorful and I love how light it is! The rosemary oil was fantastic too! While I do love it, this was a scrumptious change from my regular recipe. It was absolutely delicious. My family loved the change. I think the rosemary really gives it a hearty, earthy taste. Beans are great to incorporate into desserts — for instance, white beans in blondies — unconventional but add a great filling quality.

They are great lunchbox addition for my little grader schoolers and a handy late-night snack for my husband. Also, have you ever cooked black eyed peas by themselves, very slowly, until they are silky soft and creamy? Then put in a little salt and butter and eat over a split piece of hot cornbread, like a gravy almost. Bonus points for garlicky cooked greens on the side splashed with vinegar and hot sauce. Also, I make a homemade BBQ sauce the recipe is meant for leftover meat in my cast-iron frying pan. Put the pan in the oven at for up to an hour, stirring occasionally.

Fab with baked corn from the same oven and a really crisp green salad. I make a white bean pie that is always a big hit at Thanksgiving. I use navy beans with lots of sugar and spices, and the result is like a more subtle version of pumpkin pie.

[PDF] Eydie Maes Natural Recipes Download Full Ebook

I got the recipe for it from Epicurious. Actually, the history behind white bean pies is pretty interesting. Waitrose is a British supermarket. Have you used English measures for this version? Alex — Nope! It will be out Feb. While the U. More info here. Made this yesterday and a big hit with both the adults AND the kids, one was 18 months old and managed to say YUM, the other a 9 year old that had seconds!!

Definitely keeping in the repertoire!

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Hi Deb, I have been a lurker on this site since I stumbled upon it years ago. I just purchased your cookbook and after 2 years of grad school, finally have time to cook for myself again. So fragrant and delicious. Beans and squash are such a great combo. This was delicious! I just thought it would be prudent to state that you should, under no circumstances, save the garlic oil on the countertop maybe even at all, to be safe. Serious food poisoning alert. Stay safe! This is a perfect recipe for tonight pot luck! I have all ingredients in my pantry expect parsley.

I have a lot of arugula in our green house so try to use them for parsley. How do you think? Though she crisps them after cooking in the oven to make waffle chips, I eat them straight off the waffle iron. The texture of these waffles is a revelation. Airy, yet creamy. Totally agree about white beans, rosemary, garlic and olive oil! I had to write about my favorite white bean recipe after seeing this.

Overall, super delicious and interesting flavors— the rosemary and parsley made for a really interesting dish! Well, it is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for this excellent recipe!! With a warmed-up tortilla. Personally, I like to make a stew with Italian sweet and hot sausages, white beans, kale, and crushed tomatoes served over rice. The beans really help flesh out the meal allowing me to get fewer sausages. I made this tonight — just added a dash of lemon juice on mine to round out the flavor. Maybe its because I used canned beans, or maybe because my food processor is a bit worn down, but I feel like this dish was a bit bland.

I try not to use a lot of salt in my food but felt like this recipe really needed it. Maybe just some parm will help?? My husband made this for dinner tonight and we loved it!

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  • It soaked up the excess sauce, without making it dry and the flavor was great. I made this tonight but started with dried chickpeas leftover from an earlier posted hummus recipe. I highly recommend. Three standbys with white beans, all simple and good enough that I make them regularly for my toddler:. I really appreciate the recipie.

    Attractive photos which force me to make it. Its easy recipie for me to make. I am big fan of pasta so soon i am gonna try your recipie. Gratefull to you for such a lovely recipie to share. I made this version for my Italian husband who very rarely will admit to liking a dish that is not made in the traditional manner that he is used to , and he also loved it. The addition of onions, celery and carrots gave the dish a heartier taste. I loved it with the pennete, but my husband said he would like the ditalini better….

    Over the many decades that I have eaten this dish, I have never liked elbows with this. Try broken pieces of spaghetti sometime. My husband also wants me to mention that with chickpeas, try a wider pasta, such as trenette, broken into pieces. And I must mention how much I love your cookbook. Already enjoyed several recipes and watching out for your book tour as I would love to have you sign it.

    Canning Tomatoes with Ball Canning

    I ran home and made this BA pasta dish as soon as I saw it like you! Those tiny little pastas called my name. A little funny. I never thought about trying again with white beans. Honestly, one of the most interesting pasta dishes I have made at home in ages. It contains a LOT of oil, which makes it taste much more like restaurant pasta which also contains a lot of oil than pasta that you would make at home. I love the many-layered flavours. Would I make this again? I doubt it. I just made this — about to enjoy my first steaming bowl of pasta now! I normally do not care for beans in pasta because of the heavy, starch-esque texture of cooked beans, so the step of blending up a portion of the bean mixture — a touch of brilliance — really made this recipe for me!

    Continue from I made this pasta with arugula instead of parsley. It turned out a little greener than yours in pictures but very delicious:- I will make this again with ground bison or chicken for an entree. I like to make vegetarian bbq black eye peas and eat them with cheddar scallion waffles. This was absolutely delicious!

    Hubs and I made it last night, and it was soooo good. Definitely one to make again and again. I might add a handful of sun-dried tomatoes to this to punch up the flavor a touch next time as I love both sun-dried tomatoes and punching. Good work with both the photography and how clearly written and easy-to-follow your recipes are.

    Just had a little nibble cold straight out of the Tupperware! This sauce is unsurprisingly, I guess even better than it was when just cooked. I just made a big vat of beans last night in the slow cooker, so I can definitely relate! A perfect one-pot meal! A great mid-winter recipe is a rustic chicken kale stew with white beans. So yummy!! Looks great! I live in Barcelona and if you need bean inspiration get a catalan cookbook they put them in everything!!! I enjoy the site very much thanks. Just made this for dinner and we loved it. Thinking of you in Montreal tomorrow. We are in Ottawa, two hours east and the snow is blowing.

    But I hear New York is getting even more snow than Montreal…stay warm! Enjoy your visit to Canada. Just made a big pot of this while I hunker down for Blizzard Nemo. I have no fear as white bean pasta is here! This looks great, I will have to try it once I get me a food processor! Thanks Deb! Later this week I also noticed another mention of your book in the Bookseller a publishing industry magazine — whoever is organising the UK publicity is doing a great job :. I halved the recipe and used 6 oz instead of 8 oz and will probably go down to 4 oz next time.

    But definitely a keeper. Deb, This is great, worked perfect and the kids loved it as well, and it does make enough for lunch the next day! Thanks for posting it! Beans much like your site are the best! I make chick pea mashes for sammies, add whatever you want, dill, celery, even juillaned turnips with some mustard or horse radish, that noise is tasty. Also you can fritter bean mashes because fried equals magic. Made for dinner tonight. Cook until hot Stir until mixture thickens.

    Pour into prebaked crust Sprinkle top of meringue with coconut and brown in degree oven. Martha T. I certainly don't claim to be the only person who makes dressing like this - actually the credit is to every good Southern cook Big Mama's and my Grandmother Ligon's was very much like this. Not rolls! Place cornbread and biscuits in food processor or crumble finely by hand.

    If using fresh sage use less. You may want more or less depending on taste. Add 1 teaspoon black pepper. You will not add salt until after the broth is added — It can be too salty. You will add more liquid as needed. Place rinsed chicken in a stockpot filled with water. Be sure to remove any giblets from neck and body cavity. Rinse these pieces — neck, liver, gizzard, etc. Add one onion that you have peeled and quartered as well as 2 or three stalks of celery cut in thirds. Add salt, pepper and a little parsley — bring to boil, then turn down and simmer until giblets are tender and chicken is beginning to fall off the bone.

    Cut up gizzard, liver, neck meat for gravy. When the eggs are fully cooked you may cut them up some. If gravy is too thin — repeat the thickening process — adding a little at a time. If it is too thick — add some water. Linda Lankford's Brownies Melt 1 stick butter no substitute in large saucepan.

    Remove from heat and add: 3 tablespoons cocoa 1 c. Do Not Overbake!