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In my opinion, this would have been an even stronger collection if there had been more variety in this regard. All the stories are on the short side probably less than words. Although the authors do an excellent job spinning fairly complicated plots within these constraints, I would have enjoyed more variation. If you enjoy lesbian fiction with a lyrical bent, I highly recommend this book. Nov 14, Terrance Shaw rated it it was amazing.

An absolute delight! One is impressed not only by the consistent high quality of the writing, but dazzled by the sheer breadth of imagination here on display, and, time and time again, utterly astonished by the very realistic depths of these engaging fantasy characters. On the other hand, one detects a strong but sympathetic editorial hand quietly at work throughout, keeping everything taut and focused. Readers do not encounter those glaring inaccuracies in language, careless apposition, or amateurish plot detours sometimes indulged by editors of a more laissez faire frame of mind.

Green has arranged the stories to achieve and maintain maximum interest. Curiosity gets the better of suspicion, understanding makes the heart grow fonder, the ice-melting fire of lust leads to an endless springtime of delight, the call of duty ultimately defers to the call of the blood, happily for now, if not always happily ever after. On the lighter side, readers are treated to Emily L. Probably my favorite stories in the collection are Michael M. Birds does not blink at the gruesome inhumanity of war, while gradually bringing the main characters into focus through the blood and smoke of battle.


A truly stunning achievement…as is this anthology altogether! Enthusiastically recommended! Jan 12, Woody Chichester rated it it was ok. Too many princesses and not enough witches I guess. View 1 comment. Aug 05, Dera rated it it was ok. Lots of princesses. Not enough trolls and witches. Hardly any twist that I found interesting. Not the best book but still Nope, I guess okay. It was really engrossing. Jun 09, Rae Storey rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , lesbian. Who doesn't love a good anthology?

And this is a good one. I don't think that the title needs to have the word "erotic" in it Really the only thing that bothers me about this collection as a whole is that there are 13 stories Just my OCD flaring up. I read a 3-star review on this anthology that stated "I didn't love all the stories. There are 13 different stories, wi Who doesn't love a good anthology?

There are 13 different stories, with different topics and author styles. My favorite out of the whole bunch was the first one out of the gate: Steel by Cara Patterson. It was not something that had troubled her before , but then , no one — woman or man — had looked at her as the witch did: as if she were worth looking at.

This is an anthology of fairy tales, some clearly recognizable. The twists, of course, are that the lovers are both women and that there's sex in just about all of them. So lesbian erotic fairy tales. It sounds better than it is. Reading this anthology was a bit of a slog. I almost gave it up, but decided I just wanted to finish it in case maybe there was one decent story.

Chapter 1 I'm down if...

Most of what is decent comes at the end, especially the last story about the queen and the witch. Throughout, the sex isn't a This is an anthology of fairy tales, some clearly recognizable. Throughout, the sex isn't all that special or exciting and the stories just don't cut it. Pass this one by. Sep 08, Genesee Rickel rated it liked it. I liked about half of the stories; a couple I'm on the fence about. My favorite was "The Prize of the Willow". I was disappointed when homophobia was used to spur on the plot. I felt like there could have been other motivations for the same actions.

I preferred the tales with more emotional development between the lovers, made the sexy times better. I'm so glad this book exists and my library has several copies! Lesbian erotica at its best All these stories captured me in ones way or another but The Willow Girl made me almost cry with its story and love. Yes most stories are raunchy but there's also adibing love throughout as these women fight for their rights to love each other and be accepted. Mar 28, Cecilia rated it really liked it Shelves: , lgbtqia , short-stories. Like a 3. The remainder of the stories were all either decent to really meh with the exception of Robber Girl which I uhh Oct 17, Lisy rated it really liked it Shelves: lesbian , erotica.

From Grease to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, summer movies make vacation romances look oh-so-appealing. Who knows, maybe you, too, will end up on a. Imagine your friend invites you to go to a party that is absolutely not going to be your scene. The problem is, they're dying to go. In the past when. Twenty years ago, American Pie premiered, and its impact was soon felt. When you first start dating someone new, you might have sex all the time. In , an essay in the New Yorker titled "Cat Person" went viral, because it spoke to the issues of bad sex, consent, and dating that so many people. With that Happy and the others left the room a lot less happy than they were just moments ago.

Not another word was spoken of what transpired between them and Goldilocks was just as happy to put it out of her mind. The daughters could not cheer her and simply went about their business. One day while they were working, Goldilocks decided to venture further into the forest. This time she dropped bread crumbs as she went. It was obvious her parents were not going to find her. Goldilocks wept as she walked until she came upon an enchanted orchard.

I shall have one, only they are too high.

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She soon realized she would have to climb the tree if she was to have one. She hitched up the dress that Doc had sewed for her and reached the top in record time. Pleased with her agility, she picked the nearest fruit.

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The first apple she ate was crisp and sweet. She fetched another and another until she had seven wrapped up in her apron. On her way down she spotted a small tree surrounded by an alluring glow way off in the distance. Goldilocks jumped to the ground and ran in the direction of the glow that beckoned her with amazing strength.

On closer inspection, the compact tree was too perfect and with flawless apples she could easily reach without climbing. Do not eat from the forbidden tree. I will not be told what to do. Goldilocks plucked an apple and took a bite. She grew instantly dizzy. So she ran and she ran until she reached the cottage and all went black.

That evening, the daughters came home to find their lovely princess lying motionless on their doorstep. Grumpy stopped grumbling. Bashful looked away. Dopey put her head in her hands. She ate the forbidden apple. We must go and find her kingdom right away. Overcome with grief, the seven daughters washed the lovely princess and dressed her in the finest gown.

They placed a crown upon her head and laid her to wait in a glass case surrounded by flowers. They trudged on with very little food, growing weaker as the harsh winter bit into them with bitter cold. Hopes of ever finding the palace faded. With haste, they invited them in and tended to their needs. The queen wept and the king had a tough time maintaining his strength. Cornelia refused to believe her princess dead and called at once for horses. She demanded the daughters take her to Goldilocks without further delay. They set off. It took Cornelia and the seven daughters two days to reach the thatched cottage.

Cornelia jumped off her horse, gasped when she saw her princess, still breath-taking beneath the glass, and wept. She then embraced her lifeless princess, pulling her close, begging Goldilocks to wake up for she loved her with all her heart and promised to please her forever more. Nothing happened. Witnessed by all who stood in hope, she tried again. Goldilocks stretched and yawned. She looked upon Cornelia and their smiles turned grey skies to blue. Goldilocks kissed Cornelia with everything she had. The seven daughters rejoiced, the henchmen rode off to fetch the king and queen to witness Goldilocks and Cornelia profess their eternal love.

Goldilocks and Cornelia were married by the vicar the following spring in the presence of the king and queen and all the loyal subjects. The seven daughters were delighted to act as bridesmaids and wished the couple well. They lived happily ever after. I myself had no idea until the parcel from Ylva arrived and I tore the hood from off her head and the gaffer tape from her lips. Then the wonderful Cheri Crystal sat down at my laptop and blogged away. But the game plan changed when I fell madly in love with a British woman.

Unable to live without her, I married her in New York when same-sex marriage became legal; left my conventional life and native land and moved across the pond. While the story may be loosely based on my experiences, I promise the characters and plot are purely fictitious. Let the adventure continue…Thanks for reading! To buy a copy please click here. Thank you. Check out what Ylva authors got for Christmas here Click here for our blog. As a reader you could get into the minds and each personality of every character within the book.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend this book to my friends. More reviews posted on Goodreads. Thank you all! Order a copy from Amazon. Separated by an ocean and cultural differences, can Janalyn and Robyn make a life together? It had been a year since my partner left me for a younger, fitter and prettier model. We both knew the real reason we split was due to her mid-life crisis and loss of libido—not mine.

A new outlook should get me out of my rut. With luck the sunny skies would last. On day one, wearing baggy shorts and t-shirt, I carried a towel to the beach with plans of lounging while reading a trashy novel. I finished the juicy bit in my book when I needed a stretch. On the way to the cafe, I spotted a willowy blonde posing at the kayak rental stand. She glanced my way and with her simple nod, I was in lust.

I forgot what I set out to do and had a prime view of her bum on the way back to my towel. Before I knew it, she stood at my feet. I stared up at her breasts supported by underwire straining at the seams. Perhaps she would allow me to help before her straps gave out? She smelled of toasted coconut.

This tanned goddess had to be a figment of my hypersexual imagination. My lips dried up and my pussy grew wet. I needed a brisk swim to camouflage my desire. The water temperature was only 16 degrees, if that. Between her nipples popping out and my internal inferno, the cold helped keep my rising heat at bay, barely.

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  7. I nearly came in my pants. In sync with the subtle waves we moved further away from the shore when she handed me the oar. I kept a tight grip on the paddle, thrilled about my new skill when I noticed her fingers inch their way up my thighs and past the entrance of my shorts. I gulped in sea air as she feverishly worked my clit with her thumb, thrusting two fingers into my pussy. On the open water, with only the gulls and my goddess as witness, I rocked the kayak with wild abandon until my clit was ready to explode.

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    I came so hard, we capsized. The life vest kept me afloat, but she gave me mouth-to-mouth, just in case.


    After the hottest sex and sweetest kiss, I was out of my rut. What a relief. Read at your own risk. If you enjoy this teaser you may have to buy all Cheri Crystal and Jennifer Wren stories online. I truly hope so. Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you short stories that focus on the sensual, red-hot delights of sex between women and the celebration of the female form in all its diverse hedonism. Are you up for toys, hot sex, and fun? With love and hugs to my faithful readers.

    On a bus with a bunch of chatty breeders, Rue is prepared for boredom. As she and a feisty gal named Billy share a heated encounter on the ferry to France, Rue begins to think that maybe Mama really knows best. And I have this itch, no not itch, but yearning, like a craving. Stop this now or I shall leave.

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    Without an answer to her prayers, she walked on hoping to find a path leading home. Now who are you? Thank you all. For me? Doc and Happy only laughed, which further aggravated the princess. The End. X Order a copy from Amazon. Summer Relief By Cheri Crystal It had been a year since my partner left me for a younger, fitter and prettier model.